Yokohama YK580 Review

The invention of the wheel changed everything, and it revolutionized everything and the way humans moved. Along with the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel has to be in top two early breakthroughs in the history of humankind. Although unnoticed most of times, tires of any vehicle is its soul with the engine being its heart. Vehicle owners they need to change their vehicle’s tire few times in a lifespan of the vehicle. Although we have made long strides regarding technology and we have long lasting tires, they are required to be changed anyway. Tire life can be affected by some factors such as driving aggressiveness, road conditions and of course the weather conditions as well. It becomes very important for the vehicle owner to opt for the best and trusted brands. One such brand which is the market leader in tires is Yokohama. Yokohama is not only known for its high-quality tires but also for frequently upgrading them with a better one.

Yokohama YK580 Review

yokohama yk580 tire reviewDesigned and manufactured using the latest technology by Yokohama the YK580 is becoming one of the fastest selling and one of the most reliable tires in the market. Talking about all season performance class tires the Yokohama YK580 has some ultra-modern features like larger tread life, and an excellent wet grip along with a good dry grip. The YK580 is available in four-speed ratings namely T, H, W and V. The tire is built for cars of all types be it a premium sports car, luxury sedan or SUV’s both small and large.

Talking about individual features the Traction this tire provides is ultimate and of top class. It has a very good asymmetrical tread pattern, and the groove ratio has been optimized for better and optimum performance. The optimized groove ratio also provides it maximum stability which is one of the major highlights of this tire. For wet traction, the company has added orange oil to its tread compound for excellent wet traction and acceleration along with braking.

The features such as cornering and winter handling are also good; it provides excellent high-speed cornering and its grip on a snowy surface is also pretty good. It has been designed for maximum ride comfort and tread life as well. The company claims that you can expect 60,000 miles from this tire which is quite impressive.

Before buying this tire, you must get it checked by your local dealer that whether your vehicle is compatible withYokohama YK580 or not.


  1. It has a world class technology.
  2. It has an excellent design.
  3. It comes with four different speed ratings for better selection. These speed ratings are T, H, W and V.
  4. It has a better warranty than its contemporary tires.
  5. It has an improvised groove ration for high performance.
  6. It has an excellent wet and dry traction.
  7. It provides with maximum comfort while riding with good steering cornering.


Nothing as such.


The YK580 is meant for a high performance round the year irrespective of weather and old conditions. The excellent traction qualities along with amazing steering stability and its awesome responsiveness with good ride comfort makes this tire and excellent, and a must have tire for your next replacement.

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