Top Smart TVs in 2016

Technology advancement is making everything smart, right from the mobiles to TV’s. Every individual prefers to have a smart mobile in their hands. The concept evaluated with mobiles and then spread to TV. Smart TV is also called as connected TV or hybrid TV. In market various brands are available like Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL and many more.

Through Smart TV you can able to connect Internet to access media services such as streaming videos and music and can play your favorite casual games. You can also perform browsing through some Smart TV‘s, it just required to compatible with HTML standards of the websites. So you can see the sites in wider screen with perfectness.

Benefits of having Smart TV

App Facility:

Through Smart TV you can have apps accessible, some are pre-installed and some you can install from app store.


You can surf internet in Smart TV and view websites, photos, videos by comfortably relaxing on your bed or sofa

Depending on the features, it is best to pick up the smart TV so you can get customization home-screens and many more.

Essentials for Smart TV

  1. Internet: Most of the smart TVs are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can enjoy smart TV experience without Ethernet. If you need you can also connect to Ethernet.
  2. Broadband Speed: Go for unlimited broadband package which is high speed, so you can easily access videos without any delay.

Reviews of Top Smart TVs in the Market

#1. Vizio E24-C1 Smart LED TV

Vizio E24-C1 Smart LED TVVizio’s 24-inch smart TV has most attractive features than any smart TV providers. You can get Full HD quality 1080p with back-lit. The 2X 5 watt speakers gives plenty of sound. You can easily set it up with a stand or hang to wall with a wall mount. Excellent choice for picture viewing. The major drawback in this LED TV is, you can only able to view the picture of the screen in a single view. You can adjust color saturation, volume with control buttons. This LED comes with a normal remote. Wi-fi performance is good and can able to access apps, videos and many more. If you are looking for an entry level TV then definitely it fits your needs.

#2. TCL 40FS3800 Smart LED TV

TCL 40FS3800 Smart LED TVIt is a stand-by model with pair of legs splayed far to the edges. The remote of this smart TV is designed is a simple way with less buttons which helps the users to understand the remote functionalities easily, with one button you can able to access Netflix and Amazon Instant. Being 40 Inches, you can get a picture resolution of 1080p with full HD. Single USB port compatible with videos, photos and movies. Within the TV you have DLNA option which allows you to stream files over local network. It has an excellent interface that you can able to put thousands of apps and videos. It is less expensive when compared to other smart phones.

From time to time, more and more features are being added to smart TV technology. Like smartphones, smart Tv are adding up unique features to have a greater user experience. Depending on your personal needs it is better to pick up good resolution smart TV. Enjoy your favorite videos and music with high picture quality.

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