Sitncycle Reviews

Exercising at home is a luxury that is craved by almost everyone. Even though the gym has more equipment and also professionals to rely upon the truth is that not everyone can and does go to the gym regularly. Even those who sign up for gym fail to make it a habit. It takes a lot of motivation to gear up and go out to exercise every single day. But if one has the same kind of equipment at home, then there is no excuse to not work out. This is where all the new age home gym equipment comes in handy. There are tons of things that one can buy these days and use them to easily workout at home. The following exercise bike is one such example. Here is its review.

SitNCycle Reviews

Review of SitncycleWhen looking for home gym equipment, we usually prefer those that look less bulky and can be fit in any corner of the house. This is the most compact and sleek exercise bike available on the market today. The design itself is such that it can be put anywhere. As the name suggests, the sitncycle exercise bike comes with no handle to accompany it.

This design is pretty new, and a lot of people can get a little apprehensive to use this but it has its benefits. The no handle bike ensures that the core is engaged at all times. So when you are on the bike, since there are no handles to lean on, you are working to sit up straight and work your legs. This burns some extra calories and also helps in strengthening the core which is an additional benefit. It also helps in maintaining the correct posture.

Even when you are done with your exercising, you will notice that your posture is much better. Apart from that, the build quality of this exercise bike is very strong and does not wobble quite easily. The pedals move swiftly. And it takes very little space in the room. So you can easily put it in front of the television in the living room and exercise for as long as you want. The affordable price and the bright and attractive colors are additional benefits of the bike.


Every one of us knows how important it is to exercise regularly. There are so many benefits of working out that it does not make sense for us not to do it. And yet, we fail to assess its importance in our lives and ignore it. But modern sports and fitness industry has made the process a lot simpler. The compact design of the various gym equipment available in the market these days ensure that we get to work out in the comforts of our homes. Now not going to the gym is no longer an excuse because of the availability of various exercise bikes and treadmills and other exercise materials in the compact size as well as affordable price.

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