Samsung Galaxy S7 Complete Guide!!!

Brand speaks more even if it is jeans or mobiles. The most popular brand in the world creating market in Electronics such as mobiles, TV, Washing Machines and many more is Samsung. Samsung is introducing new models every year in various segments. Recently, it released new mobile version Samsung Galaxy S7 with galaxy full of features to its customers who love to own a Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S7 model beats out the features of previous versions of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. The design is identical to that of Samsung Galaxy S6 but with some changes such as flatter home button and thinner projection for camera. Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in black and gold colors. Depending on the market white and silver may also available.

Samsung Galaxy S7 uses Android 6.0 Marshmallow software and also Touch Wiz software suite. It is designed in such a way that it can be fitted in pocket and easy to handle because of its slim structure. If you are looking for unique features and mobile thinness than Samsung Galaxy S7 suits for your needs.

Top Features

If you want to buy an expensive mobile then definitely think about buying a top notch featured phone that gives the best result.

The features available for Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone are:


We love to use a mobile with a big screen which makes the display more clear. Samsung Galaxy S7 is having 5.1 inch display, in which we can watch movies, play games as we like. It is very good for the one who loves gaming and moreover with touch screen. With its large screen and graphical user interface everyone can understand the things provided in it and with the touch screen availability just tap on an app and enjoy using it.

If the display is clearer, one will feel comfort in using the device. So, for the one who love to have large screen with clear display can owe Samsung Galaxy S7.


Everyone will first think of the memory that a Smartphone can hold, Samsung Galaxy S7 is having a huge memory as 32GB and the Micro SD card can store up to 200GB. We like to have a memory that can store our memories in the way of pictures and videos taken in special moments. A 64GB memory can store all the things we need to save for our lifetime and recall them at the correct time. We can also save all the important files and mainly students can go for this mobile, so that they can save their materials for future reference.


Camera plays a very important role while choosing a Smartphone. This Samsung Galaxy S7 camera will fulfill your requirements because it is having 12 megapixel primary camera and 5 megapixel front camera, which gives clarity of image when taken. Everyone love to take selfie in their style either individually or with their loved ones, then this will give you clear picture as you like.

We prefer primary camera when we want to take a group picture at functions or parties which provides the best clarity that you love to have. So, Samsung Galaxy S7 will give you fun filled experience with the camera usage. Get Samsung Galaxy S7 and make your special events more memorable and joyful.


With the growing technology, the usage or necessity of network is becoming vast. From 2G networks it became 3G which is better than 2G and now it is 4G, which gives the best network connectivity and attracts user with its speed. The data usage becomes a part in smartphone because by having data pack we can enjoy Whatsapp, viber and other social networking site where we can stay connected with our friends and near/dear ones.


We love the mobile with extra features that gives us more pleasure while using. Samsung Galaxy S7 is having feature like finger print, Retina Scanner, Auto HDR, Gyro, OIS, Accelerometer, Barometer, Proximity and Heart Rate. These sensors can be used for several purposes.


The protection is important for every phone, because sometimes it may be used by children knowingly or unknowingly. Samsung Galaxy S7 provides protection from water and dust resistance with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 feature.

What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S7?

Fast Charging

We need a mobile with a quick battery charge up. Samsung Galaxy S7 has the ability to give a fast charging to the batteries that can be fully chargeable in no time. It will take half an hour to charge from 0 to 83%. So, you no need to worry about the charging speed.

Nano Sim

Samsung Galaxy S7 has Nano sim card availability. A Nano sim is very small by its size where it can be available in every network.


Samsung Galaxy S7 has 3000 mAh non removable battery and this is far better when compared to other Smartphone. Everyone likes to hear music or play games with their Smartphone without any interruption, so this Smartphone offers the best battery and expectations where you can enjoy 70 hours of music play, 18 hours of video playback and a whole day 24 hours talk time which is really impressive.


  1. Now you can capture pictures in dim light or at night time with vibrant colors through Samsung Galaxy S7. Not only focus is great but the camera app opens quickly by double tapping on the home button.
  2. We can take photos while it is raining or can take selfie while going to waterfalls by using this Smartphone. The S7 phones carry IP68 ratings which mean it protects device from dust and can withstand a dip in 5 feet of water for 30 minutes.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 consists of “Always On” option so that it displays the date, time or a photo on the screen. It won’t consume battery and it’s completely your wish to turn the settings as always on or always off.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t have the feature of FM radio. It is a disadvantage for the one who love to listen FM.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is bit heavy and it offers only single sim and that too Nano sim technology.


Due to dust and water resistance ability, you can enjoy the usage of Samsung Galaxy S7 at anytime. The long lasting battery life, quick charging facility and its screen display makes you to use the mobile without any interruption. Moreover its slim structure attracts users and it easily fit into your pocket or wallet. So, choose the best of Samsung Galaxy S7 that is as special as your thoughts.

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