Oculus Rift Ultimate Guide

Oculus Rift is developed first by Oculus VR and later owned by Facebook. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset which gives you a different experience by taking you to the digital world. Wearing these goggles replaces your vision with digital image. One might feels; you are really inside the game while playing. It gives you the feel that you cannot distinguish the difference between what is real and what you are seeing in the Rift.

Oculus Rift will give you a view in a way that you can feel the comfort by using it, if you turn your head to left the vision will be in the position depending on your head movement. For user’s comfort it is available with different features which you love to have.


Oculus Rift is designed in such a way that the screen is having larger display around 100 degrees of your vision. The display is similar to Samsung galaxy note 3 which gives user a clear vision. With this display, each eye can look into different lenses to give a 3D vision effect. The people who love to play games can wear this, so you can feel the real experience of the game. Watch the controllers when you look down and can even watch the rear side when you look any of the side view.


You can enjoy gaming with Oculus Rift just by connecting device to PC and playing the games which is suitable for Oculus Rift which gives a VR effect. Most people like to play car racing games and fighting games which will be available in their PC. GTA 4(Grand Theft Auto) is in VR now, which is a favorite game for many people. Game-pad is available with oculus rift so that user need not go for third party hardware. Get Oculus Rift and enjoy gaming.


Oculus Rift is developed in a way with which we can even watch movies. The movies should be of VR effect, which gives a 3D vision while watching. Oculus Rift provides you an excellent additional feature that multiple users can watch the movie in the same virtual space by seeing each other and can talk to each other while watching. Oculus Rift allows you to view different types of media that is impossible to view on regular monitors.


You may feel that we cannot view the VR when we turn our head to left and right. Oculus Rift is having that feature which helps you to view the entire screen even if you turn your head to left and right by its headset’s positional tracking system and other VR devices which is called as Constellation. Constellation is done through an infrared light-emitting diode, or IR LED sensor which comes with a stand of a desk lamp form.

Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch is a pair of controllers used while gaming. Even though it is not touch screen but you access controllers with hands. They are lightweight, wireless handheld motion controllers featuring a joystick, buttons and two triggers- one for grabbing and one for shooting or firing. These controllers are fully designed in a 3D space so that the user can feel the 3D effect while playing. Oculus touch also featured for detecting finger gestures while holding the device.


Oculus Rift will have full immersion. It has 3D effect. Oculus Rift does not take up the space of your Monitor.


The disadvantage of Oculus Rift is there will be no spatial awareness, so you cannot see what’s happening in your surroundings and it is uncomfortable to wear a large device on face.


Oculus Rift makes your gaming experience and watching movies real. If you want to make gaming digitized then Oculus Rift is the best choice. A small device can make the world more beautiful.

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