Nikon D750 Expert’s Review and Guide

Memorable moments are captured with a Good camera. The Nikon the best branded Camera seller launches new version of camera with unique features from time to time. Professional enthusiasts love the brand Nikon. The latest D750 sits above D610 and Nikon D810 gives camera lovers to have a best choice to choose.

D750 designed with 24.3 Million pixel CMOS sensor and an Exceed 4 processing engine. It has anti-aliasing filter over the sensor. It is a Multi-CAM II auto-focus module which is an updated version of D810. 91,000 pixel RGB sensors enable face detection. Highlight spot-metering option prevents from being burned out. It is a blessing for wedding photographers as it would take perfect pictures.


  1. 3 MP, 5.9-pixel size
  2. Processor: Expeed 4
  3. Dust reduction
  4. Weather protection
  5. 2x SD slots storage
  6. Auto focus system
  7. 2-inch LCD tilting
  8. Full 1080p HD
  9. Weighs 750g
  10. 141 x 113 x 78 mm Dimensions


Camera is light weight with magnesium alloy frame. Nikon D750 is dust proof and weather sealed just like high end cameras. The only drawback is the battery life which is poor but survives in all weather conditions.

The camera handling is excellent when compared to D600, the grip is so comfortable to carry. It has awesome U1/U2 memory bank system and the Zoom feature works so good. The focus button on the front of the camera displays appropriate information.


With the help of D750 you can shoot for all type of situations. It has same screen size as that of D810. You can’t find viewfinder which is a drawback of the D750. Due to its continuous shooting rate captures 8 frames per second. The focus point smaller on the camera and spacing between the focus points has decreased when compared to other high-end cameras.

The camera menu system resembles like D610 and D7100. You don’t need to go into camera menu to view the taken pics. It has enhanced auto ISO feature. Depending on the focal length it will automatically set the minimum shutter speed. You can control things like naming, memory card destination, video frame size, movie quality, ISO which helps photographers for easy distinction.

It has well controlled noise levels with high ISO performance.

Auto focus performance:

D750 autofocus in multiple lighting conditions including low light. The 51 point AF system is flexible and covers wider area of the frame. It is an excellent full frame DSLR offer better performance and for videographers also it gives a good shooting mode. It is all in one multimedia camera which captures excellent image and shooting.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

It has built within Wi-Fi feature, it is available for iOS and Android and you can remotely control the camera and download photos. You can transfer photos easily once connected. You can connect camera with a smartphone, by using push buttons or by camera SSID.


  1. High quality AF system with excellent picture quality
  2. Excellent high ISO performance
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity
  4. 24Mp full frame sensor
  5. Dual Cord slots
  6. Thinner body design
  7. Headphones and Mic jack for video


  1. Screen Tilting
  2. View Finder can’t show images when captured
  3. Shooting rate 6.5pfs
  4. Very Sluggish
  5. Weak AA filter
  6. White balance too warm
  7. Matrix metering sometimes doesn’t work well

Nikon finally a compact, enthusiast level full camera and affordable much needed for photographers. With an impressive image quality, performance and features Nikon D750 is a solid choice.

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