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In a world where cold and cough have become a normal thing, you cannot expect yourself to escape unless you take proper precaution as rightly said precaution is always better than cure. One of the intense problems which arise due to frequent cold and cough is the sinus problem. Apart from cold, it can result from various other factors such as allergies, congestion and dry air.

Almost infinite number of drugs is available for treating sinus, cough and cold; it is only advisable for you that you should not take drugs and or any other medications which involve chemicals. These medicines only make you less immune to cold and cough. One of the other ways of treating these things is inhaling steam as it is world known fact that steam cures sinus and if you take it regularly it prevents sinus problems to arrive again. There are many steam taking devices available in the market, and one such device is MyPurMist which is a handheld vaporizer to treat problems such as sinus.

MyPurMist Review

MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler reviewCongestion and sinus can quickly turn into a nightmare if not taken proper care of. Sometimes getting a good sleep when ingested with sinus can be impossible and supplements only do a little help. MyPurMist is a steam inhaler which can give your woes a run for the money. It not only helps in fighting cold related problems but the good thing is that it is completely natural and chemical free. The fine warm mist delivered by MyPurMist is very effective and can clear your sinus and chest and rid it free from mucus and other harmful toxins.

Its functionality is very simple yet effective. The mist from the MyPurMist goes directly into the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Unlike another vaporizer where the steam is created by boiling water, MyPurMist uses a relatively newer technology known as capillary force vaporizer or the CFV technology. It utilizes the pressure along the ceramic heating elements. At the end of the device, there is latex free inhaler mask which can be replaced. The device is held in the hand and placed over the face then the steam is released and when the button is pressed the steam is released into the mask. Water capacity is almost an ounce.

It is advised to use distilled water for better results.

Highlights of MyPurMist

  1. It is a ready to use device, and it can be used without any prior preparations
  2. Unlike other steam inhalers, it is compact, lightweight and portable
  3. No need of taking drugs as it cleans everything up
  4. One of the best way to take steam therapy
  5. It comes with advanced CFV technology for better results
  6. MyPurMist has a replaceable latex-free mask
  7. Easily available on Amazon and ships in great packaging
  8. Good warranty and self-cleaning


  1. Only distilled water can be used in the device.
  2. You cannot mix medications in the water.


Undoubtedly the MyPurMist is one of those devices which is recommended for you to have in your house. It provides instant steam and has many other benefits. Overall it is a steam inhaler without any fuss and does not have any bad thing attached to it.

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