Best Home Security Systems Reviews 2016

Home Security System can protect your expensive jewellery, artifacts in your home. This home security system needs additional devices and some sort of setup. You can just fix the device protected with a camera to the doors and windows. A control panel is needed to control the home’s security system. Door and Window sensors are needed which detects the opening/closing of doors and alert you to recognize when any incident happened.

The sensor is a wireless device and when it is disconnected control panel will be alerted. Motion sensors are needed for motion detection. It contains an electronic device with which moving objects that are in the range of sensor is detected and alert the user about the objects. Motion sensors can be found connected to a burglar alarm and alert the security company or home owner after a motion is detected. Motion sensors can also be used to trigger a red light camera.

Wired or Wireless camera is needed to detect the criminal attacks that are happening in your home. Many like to have wireless camera because it can be moved easily to other places, but the signal strength is not guaranteed comparing to wired camera. A high decibel alarm is needed to alert the user with its buzzer sound. You need to keep some yard sign and window stickers to your doors as a caution that your house is protected with security system, even though someone tries to disconnect your system, the control panel will automatically get alert. The control panel is the head which control all these devices and gives them their part to do. This home security system can be connected to your monitor or mobile phone.

Need of Home Security System

To protect your family and home you need to have a home security system. It doesn’t cost more than your loved one’s life or the things which are expensive. You cannot always look over the home; you may be in work or in other place. This home security system will help you do this by being away from home also.

With its alarming mode and camera gives you an alert and a clear image of what’s going wrong. Even the intruders try to enter in your home; it gives an alarm as it’s provided with sensors. The control panel will give you the complete details of what’s going on around you. So, it is important to have a home security system to protect your home from theft.

Reviews of some best Home Security Systems

#1. Amcrest 960H Video Security System:

It is a video security system which provides four 800 TVL weather proof cameras, with which it can be kept outside the home as it is a weatherproof. Additionally, it also gives 65ft night vision and 500GB hard drive for recording and you can also have a backup facility. This provides a clear video of your surroundings and protects your home. If you are looking for a waterproof protection then it is highly recommended.

#2. Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System:

This is an excelled wireless home security system which comes in 8 pieces. It consists of keypad when it is smashed alarm will take the initiative. A base station is given to send all the alarm signals to control panel and a motion sensor to detect the moving objects of nearly 30 feet. Four entry sensors are provided to detect the door and window movements and a key-chain remote to off and on the alarm. So, full security is provided with this system.

Home is a beautiful place to live in. We store valuable things and Jewelry in homes but we fear of theft. So, to avoid one’s fear of protection of their home these Home Security Systems are must. It provides you all the facilities that you need.

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