Best Gaming Headset Reviews 2016

In present day, online gaming has increased the scope and size of the gaming culture. Video game culture is a worldwide new media sub culture formed by video games. In present days, Gaming headsets are popular gadgets used in video gaming. A headset combines a headphone with a microphone. Headsets are made with either a single-earpiece or a double-earpiece.

Gaming Headset are used to stay focused on your game with closed-design speakers that delivers detailed sound even at low volumes. Play for hours on end with large ear pads that keep you comfortable for those extra-long gaming sessions. The adjustable, noise-cancelling pro microphone reduces ambient noise for extra clear communication.

Top 3 Gaming Headsets

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930Logitech Wireless
Gaming Headset
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Etekcity Scroll Gaming Headset (H5GX) with MicrophoneEtekcity Scroll
Gaming Headset
(H5GX) with
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gaming headsetLogitech G230
Stereo Gaming
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Advantages of Gaming headset

Using headsets with video games has a number of advantages. High quality headsets can translate great sound production of your video games into a better gaming experience. Here are more details on the benefits of using gaming headphones.

#1. More Audible game sounds

The speaker drivers on your TV or computer speakers may not have the ability to faithfully reproduce all of the sound detail that your system is capable of. By using gaming headset, it produces good frequency response to hear sounds you didn’t even know where the sounds come.

#2. Improved game-play

Game designers do not add directional audio for no reason. In-game audio, such as the sound produced when a player picks up an item or reloads a weapon, can also be used to determine what to do next in a game. Even those who play adventure games with little interaction with other player’s benefit. Navigation to an area or objective becomes easier.

#3. Isolated sound

Not everyone in the house wants to hear the explosions and other sound effects from your games. Over-the-ear headphones will keep the sound isolated to your ears only. The option for stealthy game audio is great for late night gaming session and makes quality headphones a good option for watching moving and TV as well.

#4. Simplification of In-game communication

Many games require communication between team mates and other players. A headset features an integrated microphone, making it easy to talk when required. There is no need of push-to-talk buttons or any other controls that distract the player.

#5. Compatibility

A good set of gaming headphones will work with multiple video games, including your PC. With a PC, you may get better sound quality from your headphones if you have a sound card installed.    


Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

It is a light weight design with game quality stereo sound and sports performance with a cloth to care your ear with ear cups and folding noise-cancelling boom mic which are used to reduce background noise for clear voice pick up and rotates up and out of the way.

On-cable controls keep the mute switch and volume, a precise audio adjustment. All attached to an extra-long, 2.3-meter cable. And lay-flat earpieces. If you are looking for a stereo quality, then it is the best.

Etekcity Scroll Gaming Headset / Headphone

The Scroll H5GX equips gamer with instant access to full gaming by giving clear audio unidirectional playback and enhanced comfort. The headset used for gaming, video chatting, listening to music and more.

It is highly recommended as the design is light weight and sound quality is excellent with an adjustable headband and microphone.


Using headsets with video games make the gamer to play game very comfortably. It enables the player to hear subtle game. Environmental sounds set the mood and allow gamer to have a more realistic gaming experience. Choose the right type of headset, taking factors such as compatibility, cost, and comfort into account.

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