Best 4K TV Reviews and Guide

4K TV is a high resolution TV that is being manufactured by many electronic companies with special features to attract customers. 4K TV is also called as UHD (Ultra HD) TV.  It has higher resolution than full HD 1080p TV. 4K is achieved by packing more pixels into a smaller area.  A 4K TV has a resolution of 3840×2160. It is named 4K because it has about four times as many pixels as a 1080p TV and it gives 4000 pixels wide.

4K TV uses 4K technology to get the clarity of image, this technology is mainly adopted by film makers as they think this would help them. The technology is used first for cinemas and multiplex theaters and now it can be taken to our home too. We can feel the image as if we are watching it in a multiplex. The technology is currently being used by many and also the developers are developing more by adding features.

Important Features


Different electronic companies will release different display sizes of 4K TV some of them are curved, wall TV, flat and slim. The screen display will give you clear image because of its 4000 pixel feature and its resolution.

Movie Download Services

Previously we used to buy discs to watch a movie, now you can watch a movie just by sitting at home and 4K TV offers you the best experience in downloading a move. You just need to select a movie with the help of setup box given to the 4K TV , it will download just in an overnight. You can watch the movie the next day or later when you are free. You need to plan some things required like setup box and all to feel the 4K content.

Home Movies (Special Moments)

To get the 4K content in the form of video that you shoot at some functions or parties you need to have a video camera that helps to shoot in 4K technology. If you love to enjoy your life to the fullest you need to experience these kinds of devices.

Some people think that watching a video in a normal TV is enough but if you want the enjoy real taste you need to experience it, in the same way if you want to experience the real clarity you need to buy the device.

Gaming on your 4K TV

All you need is just to connect your Personal Computer to the TV and enjoy gaming with 4K technology on your 4K TV.  Some 4K TV won’t support few of the games. So, to enjoy the gaming experience with clarity you need to play your favorite games in 4K TV.


1) The 4K TV is gorgeous because of its resolution 3840×2160 which gives perfect image clarity. The pictures are more detailed with sharpness.

2) The image depth is so nice that it overcomes the problem of some people who feels that the image is getting flattened. Every image is clearly seen in this 4K TV.

3) 4K TV can handle the perfect color of an image. Even if the picture is heavily compressed the color won’t change. Color resolution plays good in 4K TV.

4) 4K TV will make the view of 3D better because of its bigger screen resolution. You may feel real 3D image with this TV.


1) You may only feel 4K presence if the screen you choose is big.

2) 4K TV is more expensive and we need to buy some extra devices based on the purpose.

3) 4K TV sources are still short due to the broadband and Blu-ray disc connectivity  problems.


Hope,  you got a clear picture of 4L TV by now. So to enjoy the real time experience with its best resolution you can buy 4K TV even the price is at high end.

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