Aveda Blue Malva Reviews

Hair care is an essential part of everyone’s beauty regime in today’s date. Not giving enough attention to your hair would mean undergoing drastic changes in the quality of your hair. Owing to the constant pollution that our hairs are subjected to every time we head out, it would only be wise to give it the best care possible by using the finest and most effective products available in the market.

Oiling and conditioning can work wonders for your hair and even if you do not eat right, these external nourishing agents make up for that. However, choosing the right conditioner that does what it promises is a tough call.  Of the few such conditioners, one is the Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner. With its keratin-rich salon formula, it makes your hairs frizz free and ensures zero damage from the UV rays and pollution when you head out.

Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner Review

aveda blue malva conditioner reviewsThe Aveda Blue Conditioner is something you can’t help repurchasing due to its goodness and sheer genuineness. The product is especially meant for color-treated hair, and it ensures that the water doesn’t bleach your color treated hair. Its lavender shade makes it add to the sheen and beauty of pre-colored or even natural colored hair.

The light texture allows it to be evenly applied all over your scalp with ease.  Although light, it isn’t very flowy and maintains an excellent balance between creamy and runny. Its mild herbal fragrance leaves your hair lingering with natural scent even after a day or two of application, thereby preventing any smelliness.

Leave it in your hair for a minute or two, and after washing, your hair will have a much better texture and a more voluminous look. It coats the ends to prevent any splits in case you want to leave your hair untied. It keeps the hair frizz free and smooth for four to five days after application. Use it in generous quantity as per the length of your hair to have maximum effect and prevent any damage from hard water.


  1. Extremely gentle on hair and causes no damages.
  2. Has a light texture to ensure it gets rinsed off easily?
  3. Results in a salon like hair at home.
  4. Gives volume to your hair and prevents frizz.
  5. It has a gentle, herbal fragrance.
  6. A bit overpriced but offers value for money.


The only problem that many people have with Aveda Blue Malva conditioner is that it is a bit overpriced. Not many people would want to invest $ 30 for a mere conditioner but looking at the goodness and protection that it offers, the product seems reasonably priced. If you have purple or blue tinted hair, you would want to give it a try since the lavender shade of the conditioner ensures that the color does not get wiped out, instead maintains its sheen and sleekness.

While many color protection conditioners make the hair look flat, with Aveda Blue Malva conditioner you can be assured that your hair will look voluminous and frizz free. Apply it before you leave tour home, and your hair color remains protected from sun’s rays, pollution, and dust throughout the day. Overall, it is a reliable product if you are willing to invest in your hair.

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