Apple Watch Review and Guide

What if, a watch works as if it is like a mobile? Feeling excited, well Apple Inc. introduced Apple Watch by Tim Cook. You can now avoid holding the phone in our hands for long hours; just simply wear the watch to your wrist and easily access calls and messages with one click. Due to busy schedules, we don’t even have time to look after our health. Apple watch is mainly introduced in such a way that it incorporates fitness tracking and health oriented capabilities. Apple Watch is available in different variations such as Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

Apple watch can be used only with iphone devices; you can easily connect with the help of Bluetooth. You can access any watch compatible apps that are stored in mobile with this watch. This apple watch is available in different sizes such as 38mm and 42mm that fits to the wrist.

Top Features


We may feel difficult to wear the watch when it is full of sweat and dust, so the design is made in such a way that the straps can be interchangeable. The watch consists a digital crown to zoom, scroll and pressed to return to the home screen. Similar to a phone it also consists of touch screen, pressure sensitive, and capable to distinguish between tap and press. It also consists of side button to display list of contacts or Access apple pay wallet.


Similar to a mobile the apple watch also has 8 GB of storage and the user is allowed to store up to 2GB of music and 75MB of photos. Additional feature is when apple watch is paired with an iPhone all the music in your device will be available on your watch. So, you can enjoy the feature by just wearing it to your wrist.


Apple Watch battery can last for 18 hours which is divided as 6.5 hours of audio playback, 3 hours of talk time and charging of the battery can be done by means of inductive charger. When the charging reaches to 10%, you will get an alert message, and then you should on the “power reserve” mode.

Fitness check

One of the goals of Apple Watch is to check your fitness and health issues. If you are doing walking or exercise, then this will track your workouts like how much calories burnt or how long you did the work out. This really helps you to know how good you are with your health. The heart beat sensor helps you to check- how healthy is your heart and this uses both infrared and visible light LEDs and photo-diodes. The heart beat sensor is in built within the watch.


1) Apple watch is water proof and it can withstand while it is raining or washing hands. So no need to worry while it is raining or splashes of water fell on the watch.

2) You can easily access apps in your iPhone just by simply connecting your device to Bluetooth of watch. Watch OS supports to send content from apple watch to iOS and also acts as a viewfinder for an iPhone camera that is used as lens.

3) Apple watch supports voice commands using an app called Siri App and also supports Apple Pay.

4) Apple watch default apps are designed to interact with iOS and the apps include e-mail, phone, Calendar, Messages, Maps, Music, Photos, Reminders, Remote which can control iTunes and Apple TV, Stocks, and Wallet.


1) Apple Watch is expensive and can be paired up if you have iOS or iPhone device.

2) It cannot be fully functional until and unless it is connected to iPhone. Without iPhone connectivity, the watch is used only to check the time.


Adding Apple watch instead of normal watch to your wrist can make your look stylish and simple. Follow technology and keep yourselves updated.

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