Apple TV Review and Buying Guide

Steve Jobs vision of simple entertainment hub fulfilled with Apple TV. Apple believes Apple TV is the future of television, in October 30th 2015 fourth generation of Apple TV series released in two versions i.e., 32GB and 64GB. The only difference between the two versions is the amount of memory storage. Lot features have changed since the first Apple TV. If you are Apple lover, then definitely this Apple TV fits well into your living room. The Apple TV compatible with iPad, iPhone, Macs and allow Apple airplay where you can stream content from your phone or tablet easily to big screen.


The design is so premium and still it is the best streaming video box than any other designs with glossy and sleek. It is a simple small box with a LED white light indicator on the front and backside you can find out connections used for USB, audio output and Ethernet. You can also connect it to Wi-Fi. On the upper part, you will find Apple logo.

Apple TV power supply is built within, so no need of any external adapters. The remote is so classy and simple with 6 buttons. It supports Siri, the best part is Apple TV can be controlled with iPad or iPhone using remote app in your device. With the help of gestures on the remote you can control the TV.

User Interface

The app-centric design makes your TV look like a huge giant. The set-up is so easy and simple where you can follow the instructions manually with Siri remote or by syncing it with your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth.

Apple services pinned into device where you just need Wi-Fi and iTunes account then you can simply connect to home screen. Initially music, photos, iTunes show up where you can swap them latter by pressing the touchpad of the remote. Navigation is so easy and you can stream the content you purchased as many times as possible.


With 1080p, Apple TV looks stunning and sharp. The antenna helps to grab the Wi-Fi signals to keep the signal strength strong. The major drawback of Apple TV is that it doesn’t support 4K. If you want to watch a movie just speak into the microphone of Siri remote and you will land into the page. For example, you want to watch “The Frozen Land” movie, just inform Siri then it will move you to the Film page. Depending upon the subscription you can enjoy the movie. You can also copy the movie you purchased through your iTunes account to your iPad or iPhone.


  1. Measures 3.9 inches wide and 1.4 inches tall
  2. Weighs 15 ounces
  3. A8 Processor which uses a 64 bit to have great user experience in terms of graphical effects.
  4. RAM is 2GB
  5. 1080p to capture 60 frames per second
  6. Available in 32GB and 64GB to fulfill your storage needs
  7. Apple supports 802.11 ac Wi-Fi with MIMO
  8. 0 Bluetooth Connectivity
  9. USB, HDMI, Ethernet Ports


  1. Touch based remote controller
  2. Deep Siri Integration
  3. A8 Processor
  4. Storage is good
  5. Music, videos, photos can be streamed using Airplay


  1. Competing with Roku and Amazon Instant the streaming is downgrade for Apple TV
  2. Cost at high end
  3. Software up-gradation is not available

If you are a great fan of Apple and you don’t mind of the flaws in Apple TV then definitely you can buy and enjoy the system. Netflix, HBO, YouTube, iTunes and many online services are available for unlimited entertainment with Apple TV.

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