Alidropship Review – How I Made $12000+ (with Screenshots)

Hi guys, before going into a technical review of Alidropship plugin, I would like to tell you about my personal story related to this plugin. I was actually an SEO guy who was happy with creating Amazon affiliate websites. 4 figure passive income per month from my affiliate websites was good enough for me to live a comfortable life but on 14th December 2016 (exactly 11 months ago), the quality update from Google penalized my affiliate websites. My income was down to lower 3 figures per month.

For next 4 months I read almost all major SEO forums and blogs about how to reverse google penalty and tried so many different things on my penalized but nothing was working. Finally, at the start of April, I decided to try new online income options and one of them was Shopify. I had no idea about Shopify, dropshipping and how people are using Facebook ads with Shopify to earn 5 to 6 figures per month.

I spend my whole month in reading Facebook groups related with e-commerce, dropshipping and watching video tutorials about Shopify. In the first week of May, I decided to create my first Shopify store. So I created Shopify account along with business account for my PayPal and Facebook ads. I added some products to Shopify store on next day, change settings, set up shipping data and added some basic pages like about, shipping, returns etc.

After few days when I thought that I was ready to launch my first facebook add, I decided to add my card to Shopify account as without that Shopify lock your store with a password. Within few minutes after adding my card my store was unavailable and I got mail that my store was closed due to security reasons. After trying to get my account back for few days, I was convinced that I have only 1 option that is creating new Shopify account.

I had no backup of my work as Shopify only allows this thing in their highest package. That day I realize that what if something like that has happened during my campaigns or after having a big store? Finally, I decided to leave the Shopify platform as we have very little control over our own data. I am not saying Shopify was bad but it was not for me. I can’t live with the fear that your store can be closed anytime for some weird reasons.

Finally, I decided to go with WordPress which I was using since years. After doing some research I found that there are 2 major choices – woocommerce and Alidropship plugin. Problem with Woocommerce was, I had to purchase different plugins for tasks like automating product imports, automating orders, adding reviews etc. But after reading about alidropship plugin features in detail here, I purchased alidropship plugin and set up my store on the same day.

Alidropship Plugin Features

Best thing about Alidropship is, almost everything is readymade. High conversion theme like Da-Vinci is provided free of cost with the plugin. All the important pages like about, contact, shipping, return, privacy policy etc. are already created. Inbuild feature of automatic product imports and auto fulfillment of orders makes your life easier.

Just install alidropship plugin and theme, add your PayPal and set up shipping section. That’s it! You are almost ready to import products and start building your store. The best part of this plugin is that you can import reviews from aliexpress along with product images. These user-generated images are one of the most important factors in conversion. This is my favorite feature in alidropship.

Important Features

  1. Automatic product import from Aliexpress.
  2. Automatic reviews import(with images) from Aliexpress.
  3. Automatic order placement.
  4. 3 Ready made high conversion themes.
  5. You can edit everything from product details, images to review’s images, text etc.
  6. Supporting all major payment gateways including PayPal.
  7. Facebook pixel support.
  8. Ready made custom store option while purchasing plugin.
  9. Good customer support.
  10. Alidropship Woo version is available for woocommerce stores.

Review of Alidropship Customer Support

When I purchased this plugin first time, Yaros (Owner of the plugin) was the first person I used to contact any case of any problem. This guy is like a superman. He is successful drop shipper with years of drop shipping experience behind him. He is a developer, marketer, and owner of this plugin. He also answers questions in alidropship forum. If you purchased this plugin and not getting a quick solution from support, then you can contact him on Skype. This guy never disappoints.

Now about customer support on Alidropship forum. That time there was a single person along with Yaros who was moderating and answering on the forum but now his team is big enough to solve your problems. They also have support on skype now. So Overall I am happy with customer support.

Technical Review of Alidropship Plugin

Initially, I used to face some bugs here and there but as you can check here, these guys are continuously pushing so many updates every month and after using this plugin for 6+ months, I can say that this plugin is pretty much stable now with so many extra features.

They are also planning to launch upsell and countdown add-ons this month. So technically you should not face any issues now as so many updates are already pushed. Even if you are not understanding technical things then just contact them on the forum or on Skype.

If you are not a technical person and don’t want to go through all this process then you can order Alidropship custom store here. You will get a readymade custom store and you just need to run Facebook ads.

Alidropship Custom Store Review

After publishing my success story, many people ask me about purchasing custom store. Most popular question is, should I built my own store with alidropship plugin or purchase alidropship custom store?

The answer is simple, If you have some experience in building websites or creating wordpress websites and you have limited budget then go with only plugin. Building a store is not difficult for guys who are already familiar with wordpress websites.

If you are new to this wordpress thing then it is better to order a custom alidropship store and focus on marketing your store like paid ads, SEO, outreach etc.

My 6 Months with Alidropship

Now the most interesting part, did I earn anything on my store in last six months? I made sells of $150 in May. Here is my income in May:

alidropship may review

June was so exciting for me as I crossed $2000 sells in June:

review of alidropship plugin

In July I was near to $3000:

alidropship plugin review

My last 30 days sell on this Alidropship store:

alidropship store last 30 days income report

Latest Sell Report for January 2018

alidropship Jan income

I hope after reading this article you guys understood that this is not an ordinary review by some random guy. I am using this plugin for last 8+ months. I am pretty sure I am going to use it in future too.

Alidropship Coupon

I already have 3 licenses for this plugin and planning to buy few more for my upcoming stores. If you want to buy this plugin then buy it with this 25% discount coupon here. (Open the link and use coupon code woo25 for 25% discount)

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